Fair Share For Artists

Paying artists fairly keeps them making art. Protect artists’ rights.

COVID-19 Resources for Artists

COVID-19 has immediately affected income for 96% of artists.

Read our list of available resources for artists during the pandemic.

Royalties are vital

Royalties allow you to invest in your work and create more

Pogus Caesar

Photograph of Pogus Caesar taken for DACS © Chris Waggot.

In artists' own words

  • Photograph of Susan Stockwell taken for DACS © Chris Waggot.

    Susan Stockwell
    “It’s about respect, recognition and acknowledgement”

  • Mark Wallinger
    “It’s a proper and just thing that artists recoup something from the resale of their work”

  • Portrait of Cathy de Monchaux taken for DACS © Anne Purkiss.

    Cathy de Monchaux
    “It’s a very good way of archiving and knowing where one’s work is”

Facts & Figures

Artist’s Resale Right royalties enable artists to keep making work, and feed the UK’s booming creative economy.

  • 1,900

    1,900 artists and estates were paid £10m in Resale Right royalties in 2018, by DACS. Pay artists royalties to keep them making art.

  • £5k

    Visual artists earn on average only £5,000 a year. Pay artists royalties to keep them making art.

  • £101bn

    Our creative industries are worth £101bn, but artists earn on average £5k a year. Pay artists royalties to keep the creative economy booming.

Royalties benefit artists' estates

Income from the Artist’s Resale Right is essential to estates

Nicholas Sinclair, the estate of Kyffin Williams

Photograph of Nicholas Sinclair taken for DACS © Chris Waggot.

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