Studio of John Hoyland ©Brian Benson, 2015

Studio of John Hoyland ©Brian Benson, 2015

Write to Your MP

Politicians must understand the importance of royalties to artists, our culture and the economy.

Please use the letter below to write to your MP. You can add your own thoughts and experience with Artist’s Resale Right royalties.

Find out how to contact your MP here.


Dear <MP name>,

Keep the UK a cultural powerhouse: protect artists’ royalties

We’re in uncertain times, but the UK still has reasons to be upbeat. The UK arts, culture and creative industries are booming, growing at twice the rate of the economy. We have the second largest art market in the world – and the largest in the EU. DCMS sectors contribute almost £250 billion to the UK economy.

Artist’s Resale Right royalties help to feed this boom. It’s a similar idea to author or musician royalties, but for visual artists. Every time a work is resold by an auction house, gallery or dealer for over €1000, a royalty is paid out to the creator. Since it became law in 2006, more than 5000 artists (and their estates) have received over £80 million in  royalties, distributed by DACS. It’s fair, it keeps them working and it feeds our creative economy.

Artist’s rely on royalty payments. To protect UK artists – and the UK’s unique position as a cultural powerhouse – we must keep the Resale Right. If artists can’t survive, they can’t create. Artists, our creative economy and the richness of British life will suffer.

The arts are vital to the UK’s success and must not be left behind.  Please put your support into action by writing to the Secretaries of State for BEIS and DCMS. Make it clear that the UK must retain the Artist’s Resale Right, whatever the political circumstances. You can also sign up as a named supporter of our campaign. If you care about creativity, it’s the right thing to do.

Yours sincerely,

<your name>



Photograph of Francis Bowyer taken for DACS © Anne Purkiss.

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