Photograph of Susan Stockwell taken for DACS © Chris Waggot.

Photograph of Susan Stockwell taken for DACS © Chris Waggot.

In the Artists’ Words

Nobody conveys the importance of Artist’s Resale Right royalties better than artists themselves. Below is a selection of thoughts from artists and artists’ estates, explaining the importance of the Artist’s Resale Right and how royalties benefit them.



Agalis Manessi, artist

Even a small amount can help a struggling artist.

Stuart Semple, artist

Artist's Resale Right royalties are a valuable investment in the lifeblood of the UK’s art market at a time when public funding cuts are significantly reducing artists’ incomes.

Susan Stockwell, artist

For me, it's about respect and recognition as much as money.

Kate Hindley, illustrator

DACS is a fantastic organisation, supporting artists so they can keep creating. It baffles me a bit that there is so much demand for visual content but artists are often given little in return.

Charles Jamieson, artist

It is enormously difficult to make a living as an artist, so the Resale Right is terribly important.

Barbara Rae, artist

DACS offer an invaluable service collecting royalty payments and legal expertise. Without them I'd squander creative time trying to contact a myriad galleries and auction houses, or paying vast sums to lawyers to trace sales for payment.
Photograph of Francis Bowyer taken for DACS © Anne Purkiss.
Photograph of Anthony Frost taken for DACS © Brian Benson.

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Header image: Francis Bowyer’s studio, 2019 © Anne Purkiss.

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